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we ARE A BUSINESS BUILDING,  integrated, next-generation agency with digital at its core. focused on driving results for SOME of the world’s leading brands. Ours is an entrepreneurial, solutions-based culture. We bring together the disciplines, strategies, technologies and creativity that modern marketers need to succeed today.

We crave the creative solution. We thrive off of unexpected opportunity.

We live the culture and translate it through our work.












In the winter of 2013, John West Therapy had already decided to take a more innovative approach to Physical Therapy. Alter G Anti gravity treadmill - a revolutionary new technology, comfortably unweights athletes by reducing their body weight . Being that they are the only facility in Houston to home an Alter G, Team Encore was asked to bring light of this dynamic equipment to the masses. To solve the problem, we engineered a “open run”. We invited the normal runner/walker to come into John West San Felipe location to train on the Alter G for one hour. I result the feed back we phenomenal.


  • Train harder, longer and sooner after injury or surgery.
  • Gain and maintain fitness while recovering and return to competition sooner.
  • Maintain a natural stride during therapy by, reducing the risk of compensatory injuries.
  • Stay motivated and track progress with concrete data, which increases confidence levels
  • Train harder with lower impact.



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  • Advertising , Digital & Design

    Successful brands thrive on ideas, so we generate them in every medium, with a particular eye to encouraging sharing. Whether TV spots or video content, websites or outdoor, apps or print or something entirely new altogether; our ideas compel people and communities to adopt and champion your brands.


  • Analytics Design & Measurement

    Our experienced team leverages data, insights and real-time analytics to shape the creation, development and implementation of marketing strategies. Through tailored media mix modeling, social intelligence measurement, and other demand-driven solutions, we build share, advocacy and retention by going beyond the “what” to the far more useful “why.”

  • Encore Brand Anthropology™

    Encore Brand Anthropology™ adapts classic cultural anthropology methods to business needs so we can apply them to brand challenges. Our “Ten Dimensions of Community” maps similarities and differences between people so brands can find the audiences that offer the best opportunities for meaningful engagement. Olson Brand Anthropology™ is key to activating communities and fully leveraging the power of earned media.

  • Brand Strategy

    Inspiring strategies delivers inspiring work. Brand strategy crafts the story for a brand; how it will build and activate its community and advance it beyond the reach of competitors. We use Brand Strategy to outline the creative, social, personal and experiential steps that the brand will take to compel the best customers to drive a business forward.

  • Brand Design & Identity

    Our proven process solves business problems. It begins with strategy, bringing agency and client to a shared understanding of the brand by unearthing its DNA and projecting its future, long before the hard work of visual development ever begins. This creates an invaluable foundation for all aspects of brand marketing. And it looks amazing, too.

  • Consumer Activation & Engagement

    Public Relations is dead. Today we focus on reciprocal, sustained consumer engagement that delivers the most powerful force in marketing: word-of-mouth advocacy. We drive messages, generate media and create experiences that engage consumer communities and make them champions for your brand, both on- and off-line. And we stay switched on, carefully monitoring and analyzing the social channels to identify the best messages and seize the right opportunities through Encore Right-Time Engagement.



  • Corporate Affairs & Reputation Management

    Corporate Technology has blurred the historic lines between stakeholders, making investors, policymakers and business partners easily accessible—and answerable—to the public. We help companies understand and influence their relationships with each of their key stakeholders, from corporate responsibility, globalization and sustainability to consumer advocacy, issues and crises. At the same time, we monitor how those stakeholders influence one another.



  • Digital Marketing

    If your agency views digital marketing as platforms and tactics, they’re doing it wrong. We start by understanding the motives that drive where and how different people engage with your brand. Once we understand them and their community’s wants and needs, we map roles and functions within a custom-built digital ecosystem. We marry these insights to sophisticated platform understanding to create content and experiences that are portable, shareable and trackable.

  • Social Media Engagement

    One of the most powerful benefits of an engaged brand community is the power of recommendation—nothing has as much persuasive power as advice from a trusted, like-minded friend. And nothing enables those recommendations on a large scale like Social Media. Whether social listening and seeding, community building, blogging or content development, we have both the strategic understanding and storytelling capability to engage your brand communities in ways that drive your business goals.


    Form may follow function in the physical world, but online, form is function. Great UX design integrates the principles of graphic design with disciplines as diverse as psychology, technology, display and interaction. It is truly the merger of art and science and our experience designers help develop distinctive ideas and user paths to optimize human interactions in both the digital and physical world, making them intuitive, effective and beautiful.

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